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We are committed to walking that extra mile by using only well researched and tested ingredients that clearly benefit your skin and elevate the sensorial experience of our formulas. Saying no to questionable ingredients like for example GMOs or ingredients from endangered flora, and actively prioritising natural alternatives, we avoid synthetic fragrances, colourants and preservatives. And of course, all our products are vegan and certified cruelty free.


An ever growing trend, the term ‘clean’ beauty has taken the wellness industry by storm causing both brands and consumers to be more mindful of ingredients and manufacturing practises. But what is ‘clean’ beauty? The use of the term ‘clean’ is unregulated within the beauty industry with no set standard and its definition subjective, so it can be misleading and open to misuse.


We are now more concerned than ever about health and the environment, and in order to cut through the buzzwords associated with clean beauty, we seek to do clean beauty The Untamed way by building trust through transparency and mindfully creating safe and high performing products without the labels.


The Untamed way is ensuring that our products are formulated taking into consideration both human and environmental health. Using high-performing natural ingredients together with minimal safe synthetic ingredients and science-led formulas to deliver products that are kind to people, the planet and animals and we are proud to carry the Leaping Bunny certification.


We are committed to making mindful and sustainable choices for our products, ingredients sourcing, manufacturing and packaging. Respect for nature is of paramount importance to us, because our well being is allied to our natures well being.